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For years I have been an advocate for building ECO (IE: Green, LEAD Certified) housing and building systems and yet recently have been shamed at my basic ECO LifeStyle!  Honestly it didn't exist! Starting with my physical health and wellness, being over weight and unfit! Let me share that November 28, 2016 my friend called me to share a new online Shopping Club that has high quality products at great prices for preferred customers. He then told me the name of the company, I said I was introduced to the Company products some 20 years ago and that I am not at all interested in MLM, he said "hold up the Company isn't an MLM company as a matter of fact many marketing changes have evolved over the years, which I only learned about myself." So I took a look at the products and boy I was impressed. So I asked how do I join the club, and Craig shared another exciting mission of the company, to promote Environment, Health and Wellness world wide by having current shopping club members inviting new members and for doing that the company pays the member for the enrollment, so Craig enrolled me for the enormous cost of $19. membership for the first year. With NO other costs other than the products I buy at a 30 to 50% discount and many learn to earn saving and more. This is a life changing Company and now my mission as well! 

Contact me Ricky Sullivan now for more information how you can join the ECO LifeStyle Mission for better living world wide.

ECO LifeStyle Housing Development

Over the last nine years there have been many projects developed by our team and other partners that have yet been done due to the past slow economic conditions. However, an idea and plan many times has an appointed time and even other location to where it was to be completed.  

Currently we are working on such projects in Alabama (Smith Lake), NW Indiana, Chicago, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Montana. 

Currently working on our newest project at Smith Lake Alabama and to revive a Gary Indiana project initially planned to start at the housing crash.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding more about the Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative to place preventative ECO LifeStyle building systems on each island and central American coastal areas. You can help the devastated areas now. Any amount will help.

Caribbean Hurricane
Relief Initiative 

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