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Caribbean Hurricane
Relief Initiative 

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ECO LifeStyle Homes

Hurricane Rebuilding needs to change, from Katrina to Dorian and beyond we have the building system and the Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative has the plan... 


The New ECO LifeStyle Homes Building System
  1. At the core is our Steel Framing for the strongest core to your home.  For 2019 we've chosen CFS rolling with the award winning FrameCad roll forming machines.  
  2. We are now going mobile to be deployed world wide when needed.  Schedule your new build now starting with the design
  3. We have mobile a factory solution for both commercial and residential construction and able to engineer up to 200 mph wind speeds. 
  4. Our proprietary produced insulation for lower energy costs.
  5. Exterior coatings that protect from flying objects.
  6. Then we turn the project over to local contractors to finish the interiors.
Example Projects done and why we've chosen Frame Cad CFS building system...
Watch the construction of a residential building using the FRAMECAD System

This single dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This 358m2 (3853.48 sf) single-story house is located on a 3037 m2 (32690 sf / 3/4 acre) piece of land. It offers four bedrooms, a study, a veranda, and a double garage. After only 48 hours of detailing using FRAMECAD Structure, the project was fully designed, engineered and compliant with the local design code.

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Olympic Games Rio 2016 - TV TOWER at the Olympic Park

GypSteel, used the FRAMECAD technology to build the TV tower at the Olympic Park, housing studios for 16 worldwide stations for live broadcasts of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 . Can be considered one of the most daring buildings in LGS executed in Brazil until today, this construction was challenging. Another success story and an example of innovation and sustainability, as after dismantling of the structure, we reassemble it in another location can be used for commercial rooms.

Denver Colorado, USA

“Mariposa VII, a 7-story multifamily project, fabricated at Douglass Colony's headquarters using FRAMECAD and shipped directly to the job site where the building was erected in a total of 40 working days.” Quality and time savings are the key components to using CFS as part of the ECO LifeStyle Homes Building system.

Current 2017 Projects

Alabama - ECO Lifestyle Village at Smith Lake

ECO Building Systems from around the world

In 2011 we were invited to China for a project named America Town and we came away from the 10 day long trip with an agreement to be a part of the building of the project. Unfortunately once again the worldwide economic downturn finally caught up to even the Chinese causing delays and internal strife within the Chinese project developers.

However, out of that trip I came away with a real appreciation for how the Chinese have so embraced the ECO Lifestyle of living and building out their infrastructure. Though yes they’re coming from a long history of non ECO concerns at least they are now focused on making a difference.

To understand more read the following articles

Because of that visit to China seeing for myself the ECO progress, I continued contact within China for researching processes and manufacturing, as a result we have been able to put together the new ECO LifeStyle Homes Rapid Composite Wall System for building the most cost efficient ECO homes.

ECO LifeStyle Walls
  • Energy Savings
  • Storm Protection
  • Earthquake Stability
Download the new ECO LifeStyle Homes Rapid Composite Wall System information sheet.

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